The home computer?

For the past 22 yrs I’ve been in the computer industry, most people bought a home computer to check email, browse the Internet (and today check the social media sites).  I’d get requests all the time of what to buy, etc…

Now that smart phones have entered our world, I see less and less of laptop/PC requests.  

There are still those that may need a bit more bigger screen and think they need to buy a Windows laptop/PC but, if they consider a bigger tablet such as the iPad or iPad Pro, they can do pretty much the same things they did on a Windows machine.

You can stop at any store nowadays and get a wireless printer that supports AirPrint for Apple devices or even plug your USB printer into your router and install an App to wirelessly print.

Point is, ask yourself what you need to do and…get the right system.  Think about tying all your devices together and backup/save items to the Cloud in cases you break/lose/or have stolen your device.

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