Quick review of the Amazon Echo Dot

Bought the Amazon Echo Dot recently.  A smaller and cheaper version of the Echo.  With it you can command it by voice to tell you the weather, latest news and traffic to name a few.  The device resembles a hockey puck which seems as if someone sliced it off the top of the original Amazon Echo.  The price is fairly affordable at around $50.  It is also easy to setup by installing the App.

Although, as an Apple device user, this device lacks the ability to work with the ecosystem of the iOS platform.  Mainly iTunes if you want to tell it to play anything in your library.  As consolation…it can connect to Pandora.  It also needs the ability to integrate with the iOS devices default Contacts/Calendar/Email iOS Apps.

It also does not integrate with home devices unless you invest in home hubs or device is new and has wi-fi.  The Nest thermostat does integrate to control your home temperature but nothing simple like telling it to turn off the TV.
For Android or other device users, it may be a nice addition to your home.  The recently announced Apple HomePod is coming out soon but…the price is way to steep at $350.  Not sure anyone will pay that much.  $75 is probably a better fit.

Time will tell.

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